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Holes – in perfectly good woodenware

I have had many questions about the 1 inch holes pictured in my deep hive bodies. When I began keeping bees I bought a bunch of used equipment from a keeper who was retiring. He had holes in some of his equipment, … Continue reading

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As promised last week in Painting Boxes here is a video to show how I take boxes apart after they are painted.  I got ONE take of this so here it is!  Normally this would have made a blooper reel, … Continue reading

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Painting Boxes

I’ve been through, building boxes and frames so now it’s time for paint. Of all the steps painting is the one I dislike the most. This is mainly because I don’t heat my garage. Therefore I need to wait until … Continue reading

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Box building tips

Crazy as it may sound I have what is looking like a potential problem in my beekeeping life. There’s a real possibility that almost all of my hives are going to overwinter this year. I hate even mentioning this because … Continue reading

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Report from Last Friday

For anyone looking for an update on overwintering from last Friday I have NO news.  The temperature just didn’t get high enough for bees to fly.  The main focus of the day became fixing swarm traps followed by making up … Continue reading

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Records and Trends

You are are probably thinking, “what is with the POO posts!?!” Bear with me here… Even though I have another month before I can stop worrying, I am surprised at how many hives are still in the running to make … Continue reading

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Trap 27 is IN……

Last weekend I finally got Trap 27 IN!!! It had been loaned to another beekeeper and was  in their vehicle for the last several weeks. All traps are now accounted for and once #27 is cleaned up, trap work for … Continue reading

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Where your bees come from matters

This year overwintered colonies seem to reaffirm conclusions that I have suspected for a long period of time. Not all bees are created equal! This is two colonies from feral stock Easter weekend 2013.  1005 (Left) is one from 2010 … Continue reading

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Winter organization with paracord

This is the bottom drawer of our Entertainment Center.  It is the one place in the house I am allowed to keep my current reading materials.  How many beekeepers out there have a pile of bee literature laying around like … Continue reading

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Are Bees Wild or Domestic?

I have been pondering the question whether to classify bees as wild or domestic creatures or if it even matters.  To most people I suppose it doesn’t matter, but with my background in biology and chemistry I am not comfortable … Continue reading

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