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After hours beekeeping

Any time a married man comes rolling in at 2 a.m. there had better be a story. On Wednesday 8/5/15 I experienced such a night and it was probably the craziest night of my entire life!!! No alcohol involved in … Continue reading

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Resource Devotion to Reproduction

In nature we find resources utilized in what appears initially as inefficient allocations. Cases where resources are allocated in odd ways include many examples of sexual dimorphism in mammals, birds, and insects resulting in ornamentation and secondary sexual characteristics. These … Continue reading

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Fear-Based Beekeeping

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Several of them are Beekeeping Podcasts that have come and gone over the last several years. Unfortunately an annoyingly consistent theme arises frequently in these BeeK-Casts. This recurrent theme is FEAR.  Fear seems … Continue reading

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Where your bees come from matters

This year overwintered colonies seem to reaffirm conclusions that I have suspected for a long period of time. Not all bees are created equal! This is two colonies from feral stock Easter weekend 2013.  1005 (Left) is one from 2010 … Continue reading

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The Farm-Fox Experiment and Bees

As promised last week in the post Are Bees Wild or Domestic I am going to discuss an experiment that suggests a link between behavioral genetics and development.  This experiment was done with foxes bred for tamability.  In an attempt … Continue reading

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Are Bees Wild or Domestic?

I have been pondering the question whether to classify bees as wild or domestic creatures or if it even matters.  To most people I suppose it doesn’t matter, but with my background in biology and chemistry I am not comfortable … Continue reading

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Bees can overcome OR Bee happy with what you are given

It is Friday.  I haven’t had the opportunity to rant on anything the last several weeks mainly due to lack of frustration.  I was reminded of something this week while on Facebook and voila! Honeybees occur naturally in Japan.  So … Continue reading

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Hive types

It’s Friday! Soooo……..  Let’s have a serious discussion about hive types and lets all try to remain civil. I don’t understand why people get so hung up on this subject. It has all the makings of a battle between religions. … Continue reading

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A return to Friday posts

Due to a mention from BeverlyBees last week I suspect that some new people may visit this site.  Before I become known as the “cruel guy that doesn’t feed his bees”, I want to make some declarations and explain WHY … Continue reading

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What is Natural Beekeeping?

Well it’s Friday so am I going to ruffle any feathers?  I hope not.  I just am looking for the answer to, “What is natural Beekeeping?”  I read and hear of natural beekeeping all of the time.  Normally it is … Continue reading

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