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Ain’t no party like a wax moth party

This deep of Lang frames looked like an Adam’s Family Accordion.  It’s a sign of allowing something to happen that should have dealt with a long time ago.  This colony was struggling last fall and I thought it had lived long enough … Continue reading

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Robbing can teach us about honeybees 1

Part 1:  Robbing is a Problem. First thing’s first. Robbing sucks, but, IT’S NOT A REASON TO FREAK OUT! Take a deep breath…. Count to TEN. I remember when I began beekeeping. I read of all these alien things that … Continue reading

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Holes – in perfectly good woodenware

I have had many questions about the 1 inch holes pictured in my deep hive bodies. When I began keeping bees I bought a bunch of used equipment from a keeper who was retiring. He had holes in some of his equipment, … Continue reading

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Letting things happen

I normally don’t post on Saturday’s, but I figured I’d switch it up this week since I had a post every other day. I won’t be talking Swarm Trapping today. What I want to go over has more to do with beekeeping … Continue reading

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Trapping on the DL

I love fishing for bees!  I don’t bat an eye about trying to pick one up while I’m at work, call it multi-tasking.  I could put a trap on the top of the car, but discretion results in “fewer” questions.  It’s … Continue reading

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Animal Husbandry – Understanding Vigor

Being a TREATMENT-FREE / NON-FEEDING beekeeper is EASY when everything is going well. The gut-check comes when pests show up, weather conditions are poor, stores are low, or it’s apparent that something just isn’t right in one or more of your … Continue reading

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Goals and Methods – part 1

Beekeeping has gotten a lot of media attention in recent years and interest in beekeeping has increased. In the last 5-10 years there has been an influx of new beekeepers, many with no previous experience in agriculture or animal husbandry. A … Continue reading

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After hours beekeeping

Any time a married man comes rolling in at 2 a.m. there had better be a story. On Wednesday 8/5/15 I experienced such a night and it was probably the craziest night of my entire life!!! No alcohol involved in … Continue reading

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Trap Talk / Get Your Traps Out There!

Recently I had an e-mail dialogue with a new swarm trapper from Georgia about some difficulties they are experiencing. They deployed their traps this Spring and wasps began to set up shop in 4 of their 6 traps. This subject also … Continue reading

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Fear-Based Beekeeping

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Several of them are Beekeeping Podcasts that have come and gone over the last several years. Unfortunately an annoyingly consistent theme arises frequently in these BeeK-Casts. This recurrent theme is FEAR.  Fear seems … Continue reading

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