Trapping on the DL

20160429_162312_wm.jpgI love fishing for bees!  I don’t bat an eye about trying to pick one up while I’m at work, call it multi-tasking.  I could put a trap on the top of the car, but discretion results in “fewer” questions.  It’s obvious something’s up with my trunk, but most people aren’t paying attention.  I use some bungee cords to hold the trunk open just enough for bees to investigate.  So what’s in that trunk?

20160429_162352_wmWhy two Catch Boxes that’s what.  I have 8 of these handy bee boxes now.  More to come on them later this week.  I caught a swarm in Trap30 last week in the bed of the truck while at work.  I have no idea what day it came for sure.  As far as I am aware it was not witnessed by anyone.


Trap30 – bed of the truck

Scouts continue checking these out every day.  It’s only a matter of time before I catch another.  Sooner or later someone will see thousands of bees flying around the car and my cover will be blown.  It’s hard to deny nothing is going on when they are actively hitting a trap, but Trap30 has shown me it can happen covertly without anyone being the wiser.

20160429_162330_wm.jpgThings are just getting started this year around here.  Scrounge some equipment up and attempt to capture some swarms this Spring and Summer!!  Don’t let anyone tell you that Swarm Season is only a couple weeks in May.  In the mid-west you can expect to catch them from April until late July and early August.  A swarm in July that overwinters without being fed or treated is worth more than a FLY!!!  So don’t be put off by the same old rhymes that have held people back for years in beekeeping.

Give yourself the best chance possible at success in beekeeping.  Target varied feral genetics in your trapping, then allow the most productive individuals to present themselves.

Quit reading internet-stuff and GET SOME TRAPS OUT!


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4 Responses to Trapping on the DL

  1. Jason Morgan says:

    Trapping swarms is like mushroom season for me. I never want it to end… and when it does, I’m in denial.

  2. Josiah Garber says:

    I never thought of a Mobile Trap. Very cool idea.

    • Jason says:

      Just play with it. There are feral bees to be found out there. It will be interestin to see how many are caught this year. Do whatever you can to try to catch some.

      Good luck.

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