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Letting things happen

I normally don’t post on Saturday’s, but I figured I’d switch it up this week since I had a post every other day. I won’t be talking Swarm Trapping today. What I want to go over has more to do with beekeeping … Continue reading

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Nature NEVER gives up.  Here’s my record of 1520.  Last swarm captured in 2015. This is a distant outyard so you can see I don’t make it there much.  🙂 NOTE they were hived 8/16/2015.  I decided to LetMBee and … Continue reading

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Animal Husbandry – Understanding Vigor

Being a TREATMENT-FREE / NON-FEEDING beekeeper is EASY when everything is going well. The gut-check comes when pests show up, weather conditions are poor, stores are low, or it’s apparent that something just isn’t right in one or more of your … Continue reading

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Records Revisited Post 2 of ??

More on GNotes, a free application that I am currently using to keep my bee records. In order to use GNotes you will need to install it to your phone.  I will assume that you can figure that out, but … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Beekeeping – A Friday rant

Today I was going to post about a new observation that I have made in swarming behavior.  It is exciting and  I feel it is important, but I will post it on Monday.  I had been thinking about something yesterday … Continue reading

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