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Non-Targeted Species – ants in Trap01

Over the years I have had several e-mails about a number of non-targeted species taking up residence in swarm traps. I have been really lucky, as I don’t generally have problems with this. That being said, I had something happen this year … Continue reading

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2016 Trapping Update

It’s time to give a little progress report for summer 2016. This year has been the most successful trapping summer YET. The first swarm was caught almost A FULL MONTH earlier than normal on 4/20/2016. HITS occurred steadily 3-5 per week … Continue reading

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Bottling Honey

Beekeeping has made me over use the phrase, “I am done, but not completely”.  I say it often since I caught this buzz.  This years extraction is over, but I am still not done completely.  I have no buyers for … Continue reading

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Escape boards revisited and video editing

Several days ago I discussed the use of Escape Boards for clearing bees from honey supers.  At the time there were several unedited video files on the computer that I just didn’t have time to fool with.  Things haven’t slowed … Continue reading

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Basic extracting

As I said in yesterday’s post I was able to get the supers pulled that I planned on extracting this fall.  I knew going into this extraction that I did not have enough buckets to hold all of the honey … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Beekeeping – A Friday rant

Today I was going to post about a new observation that I have made in swarming behavior.  It is exciting and  I feel it is important, but I will post it on Monday.  I had been thinking about something yesterday … Continue reading

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