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Nature NEVER gives up.  Here’s my record of 1520.  Last swarm captured in 2015. This is a distant outyard so you can see I don’t make it there much.  🙂 NOTE they were hived 8/16/2015.  I decided to LetMBee and … Continue reading

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Winter organization with paracord

This is the bottom drawer of our Entertainment Center.  It is the one place in the house I am allowed to keep my current reading materials.  How many beekeepers out there have a pile of bee literature laying around like … Continue reading

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Records Revisited Post 2 of ??

More on GNotes, a free application that I am currently using to keep my bee records. In order to use GNotes you will need to install it to your phone.  I will assume that you can figure that out, but … Continue reading

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Records Revisited Post 1 of ??

Back in June I posted about the importance of Records in beekeeping.  I have to say, this is the most challenging aspect of beekeeping for me.  Keeping up with the records always seems to get put off, then not done at … Continue reading

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