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Leave those traps out there…..

It’s July the 1st. Where has 2013 gone? I have done an extremely poor job keeping you up to date with the goings on around here. Swarming was muted a little in May due to cooler than normal temperatures and … Continue reading

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Where your bees come from matters

This year overwintered colonies seem to reaffirm conclusions that I have suspected for a long period of time. Not all bees are created equal! This is two colonies from feral stock Easter weekend 2013.  1005 (Left) is one from 2010 … Continue reading

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3/7/13 Prediction Number 1

I do not know what caused it yet, but I am relatively sure at least one hive has expired.  1001 was one of my first two colonies.  I bought it as an established hive from a beekeeper that was going … Continue reading

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Winter organization with paracord

This is the bottom drawer of our Entertainment Center.  It is the one place in the house I am allowed to keep my current reading materials.  How many beekeepers out there have a pile of bee literature laying around like … Continue reading

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3 Hives Visited

Checked in on three hives Thursday 2/7/13. They were observed at about 11:30. The outside temperature was 45 degrees F. There was activity from only one of the three colonies. A steady stream of bees came and went from 1005, … Continue reading

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Weather makes my schedule

Last week marked another period of sustained cold weather.  In the last week and a half or two there have been night-time lows near zero degrees F.  We also have had a couple of days peppered in there where it … Continue reading

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Winter work continues

On the list for 2013 is getting a bunch more hive equipment ready. Thanks to the strength of the honey sales from fall 2012 more deeps and supers could be purchased without going into the RED. Due to all of … Continue reading

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December Dandelions?

While taking a walk with my family a couple of weeks ago I noticed a blast from the past. Dandelions blooming in December?  Strange as it may be, there they were. I snapped a picture. They didn’t look very spunky, … Continue reading

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Friday night fun

Things have been busy here as per normal.  We are shifting gears from our end of summer routines to the preparation for winter.  As stated previously we are preparing for deer season.  It is a family affair that’s more involved … Continue reading

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The Farm-Fox Experiment and Bees

As promised last week in the post Are Bees Wild or Domestic I am going to discuss an experiment that suggests a link between behavioral genetics and development.  This experiment was done with foxes bred for tamability.  In an attempt … Continue reading

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