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What is in bloom on any given date.

I was at a stop light on Main Street in Richmond, Indiana on 3/20/2016. As you can see the Magnolias are just beginning to bloom here. If you’re not ready for your beekeeping year to begin you had better get busy. … Continue reading

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This report is within my trapping area.  So Daffodils in bloom as of 3/13/16. Check out for Bloom Progress in your State as well as surrounding States.  This information can be found on

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December Dandelions?

While taking a walk with my family a couple of weeks ago I noticed a blast from the past. Dandelions blooming in December?  Strange as it may be, there they were. I snapped a picture. They didn’t look very spunky, … Continue reading

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Asters – another great weed.

Another one if my fall friends are commonly known as Asters.  According to the scientific establishment that’s not how they are classified any more.  The true Aster genus is pretty much confined to Eurasia, with the species from North America … Continue reading

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Trapping Update

Currently 23 traps have been deployed and as far as I know there have been no takers.  Given the recent shift in the weather I am actually a little glad.  Up until last Friday weather had been unseasonably warm for … Continue reading

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Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers Association

I attended a meeting of the Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers Association ( last week.  I must admit I was skeptical about going.  I have spent my most of my life avoiding clubs and associations.  It would have been a shame to have … Continue reading

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Maple Trees are Blooming……..

I was at a mentor beekeepers house for a visit on 2/3/2012.  We took a look at his hives to see if bees were flying.  The high that day was 54F.  We have had unseasonably warm weather here in Eastern … Continue reading

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