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Red and Beige pollen

Last Friday (3/18/2016) I visited 3 hives. While there I took a walk to see if I could find bees working the Purple dead-nettle (Lamium purpureum). I had observed bees entering hives with RED pollen and thought it was from the Nettle. … Continue reading

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Sun Choke Blooms

The Jerusalem Artichokes (Sun chokes) have been in bloom the last couple weeks. This time of year I cut the blooms off for two reasons. I have read that when you remove the flowers, they will put more resources into … Continue reading

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Asters – another great weed.

Another one if my fall friends are commonly known as Asters.  According to the scientific establishment that’s not how they are classified any more.  The true Aster genus is pretty much confined to Eurasia, with the species from North America … Continue reading

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Golden Rod – another beloved weed

This year has been a super year for Golden Rod in Central Eastern Indiana.  The bloom began just prior to the beginning of September about the same time we began getting some much needed rains.  I took pictures on 8/30 … Continue reading

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