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Trapping on the Ground

Last weekend I discussed Swarm Trapping on the Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast.  Solomon and I brushed the surface, but hopefully it will get more people interested in giving this a try.  There’s getting to be more and more information available on feral … Continue reading

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Catch Boxes

One of my typical 80 year old friends introduced me to catch boxes on a swarm call in 2015.  For years I had strapped hive bodies to bottom-boards for swarm retrievals.  It was always a pain.  New equipment was slick, things wouldn’t stay lined up, the … Continue reading

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Trapping on the DL

I love fishing for bees!  I don’t bat an eye about trying to pick one up while I’m at work, call it multi-tasking.  I could put a trap on the top of the car, but discretion results in “fewer” questions.  It’s … Continue reading

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As promised last week in Painting Boxes here is a video to show how I take boxes apart after they are painted.  I got ONE take of this so here it is!  Normally this would have made a blooper reel, … Continue reading

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Painting Boxes

I’ve been through, building boxes and frames so now it’s time for paint. Of all the steps painting is the one I dislike the most. This is mainly because I don’t heat my garage. Therefore I need to wait until … Continue reading

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Box building tips

Crazy as it may sound I have what is looking like a potential problem in my beekeeping life. There’s a real possibility that almost all of my hives are going to overwinter this year. I hate even mentioning this because … Continue reading

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Frames Revisisted

In beekeeping catching swarms is the most exciting thing I do. It’s pretty much all I want to think and talk about because it’s interesting.  It has been a LONG time since I have discussed tasks I don’t like as … Continue reading

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Animal Husbandry – Understanding Vigor

Being a TREATMENT-FREE / NON-FEEDING beekeeper is EASY when everything is going well. The gut-check comes when pests show up, weather conditions are poor, stores are low, or it’s apparent that something just isn’t right in one or more of your … Continue reading

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Propolis Caps

Any time I find an aspect of beekeeping where a yield can be realized I try to maximize it. Financial viability of a bee operation by honey alone seems like it could be difficult. Wax is a common product that people think … Continue reading

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Smoker Fuel Time

Part of being a beekeeper is becoming aware of the yearly cycle of the Seasons. It’s amazing how disconnected humans have become from nature. I am reminded of this every time a friend or co-worker asks me in January or February … Continue reading

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