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Hive types

It’s Friday! Soooo……..  Let’s have a serious discussion about hive types and lets all try to remain civil. I don’t understand why people get so hung up on this subject. It has all the makings of a battle between religions. … Continue reading

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It is dry. Part 2

The second tool I utilize to look at precipitation and weather is from the National Weather Service.  It is called the Climate Prediction Center.  I look at it less for prediction or even current conditions, but more of a comparison … Continue reading

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It is HOT and the bees need water

Yesterday I mentioned that it was pretty dry around here.  We have also been experiencing record and near-record temperatures almost every day.  This post was written several days ago, and I hope by the time you are reading it that … Continue reading

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It is DRY – Part 1

This summer has been making me think of my grandpa over and over. When I was a kid he had a saying that I can hear in my mind as if he was still with us. When we were in … Continue reading

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A return to Friday posts

Due to a mention from BeverlyBees last week I suspect that some new people may visit this site.  Before I become known as the “cruel guy that doesn’t feed his bees”, I want to make some declarations and explain WHY … Continue reading

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Right under my nose.

Last Friday we got some rain finally.  Not much, but we will take anything we can get at this point.  I was pretty sure it would cause at least a limited amount of swarming activity.  Well, I was right, but … Continue reading

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Extra entrances

I had a comment after one of my posts about the holes drilled in some of the deep boxes.  When I initially got into beekeeping I purchased a lot of used equipment from a local guy.  Most of his deep … Continue reading

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Melting Wax

Not much has been happening around here lately at least on MY part. The Bees have been working, but I haven’t had any occupied traps for three or four weeks. Almost all of the hives are currently either building up … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Queen Rearing

If you recall earlier this summer there was a group of bees at a local firehouse I had been contacted about removing. (See Firehouse Bees). As time went on it became apparent that getting queen out of that wall was … Continue reading

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Trap #25 becomes 1211

Previously I had written about Trap #25 having no eggs or larvae in it (see Queenless Trap).  I had close to a 100 mile round trip in trap retrieval, that queen needed to be there. Anita from Beverly Bees optimistically left … Continue reading

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