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Drones be damned.

The first year of beekeeping made for a lot of memories.  The first time one of the hives began kicking out drones, I was at work.  I got a frantic phone call from home.  My wife had observed many white … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Queen Rearing

If you recall earlier this summer there was a group of bees at a local firehouse I had been contacted about removing. (See Firehouse Bees). As time went on it became apparent that getting queen out of that wall was … Continue reading

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Trap #25 becomes 1211

Previously I had written about Trap #25 having no eggs or larvae in it (see Queenless Trap).  I had close to a 100 mile round trip in trap retrieval, that queen needed to be there. Anita from Beverly Bees optimistically left … Continue reading

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Queenless Trap

Last week was set to be the beginning of a new experiment.  (see Latest Experiment – Attempting to use NO wire in deep foundation-less frames)  That will need postponing.  It appeared at hiving that Trap25 had no queen in it. … Continue reading

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1103 is Queenless

Had a call from one of the hive sites last week.  They had been observing and noticed that things just weren’t as active as they had been several weeks ago in 1103.  They were afraid that the bees were dead. … Continue reading

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Top Entrances

Last winter I read a lot about top entrances on beesource.  If any one has seen my earlier posts they are probably aware that some of my hive sites are prone to high grass.  I am always looking for ways … Continue reading

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Dead Bees

Last week there were some disturbing events that unfolded here at my home hive site.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I awoke to large quantities of dead bees on the bottom boards of all three hives.  This was particularly disturbing … Continue reading

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2012 Has Officially Begun

During the course of the last two weeks I have opened all of my hives.  I went into winter with fourteen, and have come out the other end with eleven.  The colonies that didn’t make it appear to have starved.  All hives … Continue reading

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Today the temp here is supposed to have made it to 66F.  Birds are returning, the tulips are popping out of the ground, spring is coming!  I checked in on Hive Site 5 on the way home from work.  I … Continue reading

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