Today the temp here is supposed to have made it to 66F.  Birds are returning, the tulips are popping out of the ground, spring is coming!  I checked in on Hive Site 5 on the way home from work.  I hadn’t visited since I put on the Quilt Boxes and placed snow fence last fall on 10/25/11.  Both hives had been trapped very late in the season and I figured they had virtually no chance of overwintering.  Hive 1111 was trapped on 7/25/11 and hived 8/4/11.  Hive 1110 was trapped on 7/30/11 and Hived 8/4/11.  Both went into winter without a full second deep.  I didn’t open any boxes, but it appeared to be normal hive activity and not robbing.  There is still a chance that I could lose them, but I am happy that they have made it thus far.  Several of the hives I thought were doomed last fall are still hanging on.  Now if we can just get some blooms.

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  1. Mil says:

    Here’s hoping too!! Crossing my fingers for the bees.

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