So why haven’t I been posting?

I am preparing for honey extraction this coming weekend.  Tomorrow after work, escape boards will be placed on 5 hives.  Then Thursday the supers will be pulled from those hives and the escape boards will be placed on 5 other hives.  Either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning the supers will be pulled from the remaining hives.  Extraction will begin on Saturday and I will continue until they are all done.

I will be taking pictures as well as video of much of the process.  The postings may be a little scant this week, but there will be a load of stuff coming soon.  Please bear with me.  I know this is supposed to be a blog about bees and beekeeping and I will be getting back to that soon.

After my vacation I am still trying to get caught up around here.  Last weekend I butchered all of this Spring’s roosters except one.  The meat was canned and we prepared 52 quarts of chicken broth.  It was yet another time I was glad that I bought the lard kettle.

Questions or complaints?

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