New method of hanging traps

Trap 11 chained to a buckeye tree.

I have found a new way to hang many of  my traps.  Instead of driving nails into trees, I began using light duty chain and S-hooks.  It started when my Dad did not want me putting nails into his trees.  After some scrounging we chained Trap11 to a buckeye tree.  It worked exceptionally well.

There are two S-hooks hooked on the same link.

I purchased several lengths of chain and some S-hooks late last week and used them to hang 6 traps over the weekend.  After several mishaps with traps hanging on nails I am happy to report that those days may soon be behind me.  My traps are not very secure on nails until I put the ratchet strap around the tree.  Using a short section of chain is easier when by yourself.  Once the trap is chained around the tree it is secure.  You don’t need to worry about it falling off of a nail while  getting the strap situated.

It also makes it easier to move traps around.  If I have a trap out for a month with no hits, it needs to be moved.  In the past if I wanted to move a trap I needed at least a hammer.  Using chains I don’t need to remember any equipment.  If I get off of work early on a nice day I can change some things up on the way home.

I know a lot of people who would let me hang a trap in their yard as long as I didn’t drive a nail into one of their trees.

What do you think?  See any shortcomings that I missed?  let me know in the comments….

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