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It hit me the other day, I’ve never talked about things I do with honey….. I gave a little bee talk a couple weeks ago to the Bath, Indiana Gardener’s Club. I got to talking about one of the ways I love to eat honey and have had a request for for the “Recipe”. If I’m going to type it out anyway I might as well post it. This is something I like to mix up from time to time. I have no formal culinary training, but I know this makes a great desert, snack, or breakfast.

First you need to gather a bowl and your ingredients.

Walnuts – Black walnuts are my favorite, but English walnuts will do.

Fruit – Mix it up, use whatever you have around the house. In this case I have blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Other options are – apple (chopped up), banana, or come up with something yourself.

Fewer ingredients the better.

Fewer ingredients the better.

Yogurt (REAL Yogurt)– not the crappy stuff that has a bunch of sugar in it either. You want the BITTER stuff. Look at the ingredients. If there is any sugar added keep looking. This is some Greek Yogurt that my wife is nice enough to get for me.

Cinnamon – Sticks would probably be best, but I have a “Biggie Size” ground cinnamon and will use it until it is gone.

Treatment-Free Honey – This is from what we call our Personal Honey. There will be a post on Personal Honey in the near future. My reason for being a beekeeper is NOT philanthropic.  I’m in it for the honey.

First off remember you are adding a lot of different ingredients here so you don’t need a bunch of any one component. It is very easy to make more than you can eat in one sitting. I made this one a little larger than I would eat alone because my 18 month old always wants a healthy portion any time he sees me mixing one of these up. Also there are no measurements here. Just ad-lib it using the old pharmacy adage: START LOW AND GO SLOW – start with a small amount of ingredient and then titrate to your taste.





Put a handful of walnuts in your bowl.



2014-10-04 19.43.43On top of the walnuts add a couple handfuls of washed fruit, again a little of whatever you have. This can be anything. I usually just add blueberries, but Holly got some extra fruit this week. I was able to add some blueberries, red raspberries, and strawberries.



2014-10-04 19.45.06Next add a couple nice dollops of your yogurt. This stuff by itself is a little bitter even for me, but that’s OK cause once you add a little honey it will be just fine.


2014-10-04 19.46.48


Next drizzle about 2 TEAspoonfuls of honey over the yogurt.


2014-10-04 19.47.25


To top it all off you need to add cinnamon. How much? I explain it like this – Keep adding cinnamon until you think you might have put a little too much on. THEN QUIT.


2014-10-04 19.49.17


Mix it all together.


Everything you need.

He was watching me the entire time.


Enjoy! Hopefully you can find a place in your house to eat this stuff in peace or you made a bowl for anyone hanging around who might know what you are up to. Otherwise they will be asking for a taste, then another, then another.  My son knows that these are being made once I get the walnuts out and begin taking things from the refrigerator.  Once he’s on to me he is right at my feet wanting at “bite”.


My chickens DIG YOUR POO!

My chickens DIG IT!


I don’t normally blog for anyone other in particular, but this goes out to Bonnie! Thanks for all the horse poop you have given me over the  years.




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4 Responses to Honey and Walnuts

  1. Larry says:

    Looks delicious!!! I’ll have to try it. My favorite is a chunk of foundationless comb honey served with Roquefort or Gorgonzola cheese.

    • Jason says:

      it IS delicious! Good to hear from you Larry. Been a crazy 2014. I never thought I would learn so much about bees in a year that limited my ability to work with them so much. It reinforces to me that they need to be able to care for themselves without me. Thinking about bees all the time has given me a lot of material to blog about….. be checking in….

      Any word on the test bees? I’m sure your tired of hearing that question… 🙂 Take care Larry

  2. Jeff says:

    Excellent! I make something similar to this all the time. Every ingredient in this is good for you and the personal honey with cinnamon is a great combination…supposed to be good for arthritis.

    • Jason says:

      With all of the fads that go on with food these days I can’t keep up on what is supposed to be good for arthritis. One thing I can say with 100% certainty is that the combination of honey and cinnamon is good for your taste buds. When you put that dynamic duo with walnuts LOOK-OUT! For people who like a desert and don’t like to consume processed sugar it is a sweet alternative.

      I hate to quote King of the Hill, but “It’s almost a shame to subject it to the process of digestion!”

      Take care JJ…

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