Everywhere I look…..

I have mentioned before that I see bees everywhere I look and in everything I do.  I don’t know what it is, but even when I am trying to think of other subjects Apis mellifera will creep back into my brain.  Last weekend there was a perfect illustration of it.

Unfortunately in healthcare there are no real Holidays or weekends, so there is no such thing as working Monday to Friday 9 to 5.  As a result I get the “opportunity” to work weekends on a regular basis.  I was having a pretty normal Sunday morning, complete with phones ringing, fax machines ejecting medication orders, and patients bringing in prescriptions.  I was in the Pharmacy-Zone so to speak.  Things were busier than normal and we were fielding a lot of calls from concerned patients about the recent outbreak of fungal meningitis sourced to NECC.

A less than perfect apple.

I honestly hadn’t had time to think about bees all day.  That’s when they crept back in on me at least for a brief moment.  I grabbed an apple out of my lunch box.  Immediately, just by touch, I noticed something weird about it.  The misshapen fruit showed signs of poor pollination.  Five years ago I would have looked at that apple like almost any other American and had no idea why it looked so strange.  Now I see that apple as a reminder of the value of pollinators.  I wish more people were looking at their apples a little closer.

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