Crazy Tuesday

Tuesday morning started out awesome.  We got our first rain since 5/7/12.  I was up working on a post about record keeping.  Holly came in with word of a chicken suffering from a leg problem.  We removed the bird evaluated it and came up with a plan.  We are gaining experience with a growing list of chicken maladies.  Talking over some of the different conditions we have gotten chickens through, Holly said, “We need to be writing this #$%^ down!”.   Record keeping……  We were on the same wavelength!

Then the dog disappeared.  Turns out his wireless collar went dead and he went for a stroll.  After Jada found the dog I returned to the computer to find it off.  I tried to restart it and it would not boot.  This time the symptoms are different than when something similar happened a couple of weeks ago.  I built that machine in 2005, those components are older than most.  Whether it is planned obsolescence or just bad luck that machine is down for a while.  A light in our utility room then quit working.  All of this and it wasn’t noon yet!

I didn’t get the post done yesterday.  I did however put up a summary of My Hives.  It is a portion of my record keeping documentation.  I am up an running on an Linux machine so there may be fewer videos and pictures for a while.

I will be working on things to get them up and running.  There may be a couple of days without a post, but I am not going anywhere.

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4 Responses to Crazy Tuesday

  1. Sam Smith says:

    Hah It never rains it pours, my linux distro went dead yesterday, I was trying to get kdenlive to export to a different file format, I must have broken the system though. Two of my three bait hives have bees in them, and we are just starting our main swarm season, this brings me to 14 hives my goal was 15.

  2. Mil says:

    I hear ya. Today I accidentally weed-whacked part of my persimmon tree. Some neighbors drove by, honked, and waved at me, and my weed whacker veered onto the tree. I’m thinking of painting the wound with beeswax.

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