Back to square 1

Picture of what I thought was going to be my new mobo and CPU…. 🙁

This is not really a bee matter.  Just wanted to keep you posted as to why more material is not being generated.

After having the new CPU and motherboard for a week, many hours on the phone with tech support, and the purchase and installation of an updated BIOS chip, defeat has been declared.  I have arrived at the conclusion that something is wrong most probably with the motherboard.

I called and none of the computer places around here will test the chip or motherboard.  Therefore everything has been removed and as neatly as possible, put in its original packaging.  UPS will be getting some business from me today.

Through this process I have found many accounts of others detailing similar problems with the motherboard.  Some have gotten things to function while others have not.

This weekend will be spent researching a better alternative.


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3 Responses to Back to square 1

  1. Sam says:

    My mobo failed a few years back, best I can figure it was the memory controller since memtest always came up with different “bad” memory sectors, quickest thing would be to replace your mobo.

    • Jason says:

      I sent it back. Will be selecting a different alternative tonight. I need to get a windows machine up and running to do some video editing. My camera is full and I have not figured out how to get adequate quality with linux apps. I am working on it.

  2. Sam says:

    The only real option with linux is kdenlive, I’m using kubuntu 12, kdenlive is really stable now (if you get the right dependent packages) I use it for all my video, one thing you gota do is download the restricted codecs since linux wont install those automatically due to licensing issues.

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