Status update on the computer

I know I had mentioned a post about top bar hives for this Friday, but it’s only about 60% done. The new hardware for the computer arrived and was installed. Unfortunately something is wrong because it will not boot. Far too much time was spent on it Wednesday and Thursday at the expense of other tasks. Today too much bee work is calling to mess with it very much.

The motherboard manufacturer has been contacted, but it’s not like they are going to send someone to my house to fix it. I’ve had bad installs before but nothing like this. I will keep you posted.

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2 Responses to Status update on the computer

  1. Sam says:

    So new mobo, new proc and new ram? And she still wont post? Did you check the PSU (power supply unit), you could try plugging it into a known working comp for a test? Also new hardware might exceed the max power output from your older power supply.

    • Jason says:

      All three new and a new 750 Watt power supply. Won’t post because the chip was made after the mobo. The bios won’t recognize it. Spent the weekend looking for a friend with a chip that used an AM3+ socket that I could install just to boot it, update the BIOS, remove their chip and then put my new one in…. No luck. Finally ordered a new BIOS chip tonight. Should be here Friday. I hope things are running clean soon.

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