Not a normal post a.k.a. – My Friday the 13th

The guilty culprit.

These last several weeks have seen me obsessed with bees as usual.  I guess it’s been a little over the top, as both my wife (Holly) and my daughter have asked me recently to, “STOP TALKING ABOUT BEES!!!!”  Not that they mind discussing bees from time to time.  However, it has been hard to control my excitement while reading Langstroth – “On the Hive and the Honey-Bee”.  It is a book that every beekeeper should think about reading and/or listening to the audio version.  Anyway last Thursday 4/12/2012 Holly, had had it with me.  She informed me that I was not to talk about bees.  I took that to mean a 24 hour period so I tried to oblige her.  After failing miserably within an hour or two and having to be reminded to shut up, I went to bed and didn’t think about it anymore.  The next day was Friday the 13th.    I got up and went to work as usual.  There was nothing out of the ordinary that occurred ALL DAY!  After returning home I immediately began working on swarm traps.  Holly came outside to say hello and I immediately began talking about ……  you guessed it “bees as usual”.  She reminded me of her mandate, and I quietly continued what I was doing.  That is when Friday the 13th took action to punish me.  I took one step from the driveway into the grass and my foot fell upon a freshly deposited dog pile.  So if your spouse or others tell you to give the bee talk a rest every once in a while, heed this warning.  Friday the 13th may give you a surprise!

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4 Responses to Not a normal post a.k.a. – My Friday the 13th

  1. Mil says:

    I am sorry to hear this. Luckily, my partner is also into beekeeping, so I don’t have to shut up. It’s different, though, with geocaching as I am also into that.

    I have to read that Langstroth book. A longtime beekeeper/librarian told me when she started beekeeping, that was one of the two books available. Now look at the plethora of beekeeping books available.

    Are you sure that dog crap wasn’t placed there? 🙂 🙂

    • Jason says:

      Holly is really interested in bees. I am just a little much to deal with at times. She actually read that prior to posting and was afraid readers might think bad of her. Since I have started blogging it has been worse since I am constantly thinking out loud about future posts.

      That book is a must, and you can listen to it too (I am on the third listen). I downloaded the .pdf and duplex printed it on our laser printer. My copy has notes written all through it. That book by Huber is awesome too. He unlocked many of the bees secrets, and just like most visionaries, the other Beek’s of his time thought he was crazy.

      Oh….. That crap was placed there alright….. By FATE! 🙂

  2. Mil says:

    My partner’s eyes glaze over too when I talk about my website. Oh well! Tell Holly I don’t think bad about her! It’s just different levels of interest!!

    And that picture of the dog. That is such a funny picture because the dog looks guilty.

    And thanks for that link to the audio version. I love audio books. Have you thought about doing a bee podcast?

    • Jason says:

      Our dog is new to the homestead. In may he will be two, but we just got him from an elderly woman that just didn’t have the energy to care for him. He’s just a misfit like the rest of us around here. I see that guilty look a lot. He has added a new dynamic and it’s been good, except for dodging land mines in the yard.

      I have thought about doing a bee podcast, but I am still trying to adjust to the workload of keeping this Blog up and running with fresh ideas. I had no idea how much work it would be. I am up for it, but am not ready to add an entire new dimension just yet. Once I have things up and running and have a lot of material I may begin revisiting it in podcast form, but that is a long way off. I hope Kevin over at Beekeeper’s Corner keeps on trucking. I like his show. He keeps and open mind about things, and even though I don’t practice exactly as he does I feel I learn at least something from each show. Most of the bee podcasts I have followed over the years started out strong, then faded away. Most beekeepers I know are set in their ways, and I want to have some hard core data to back up anything that I might say on a podcast. I have been to beekeeper’s meetings where things get HEATED. 🙂

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