I don’t know as if anyone would really want to sit down and read this information in it’s entirety.  It is merely being listed here because I feel it is important that I make my records available.  This way the reader can get a better understanding how often I am checking hives and what I am looking for each time.  I have had many questions over the years asking how my hives overwinter.

Currently all records are taken with G-Notes as discussed in  a short series of posts Records Revisted Post 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.  The chronology is from bottom to top with the MOST RECENT information at the TOP.

My Hives –

Trapping Histories –
Traps 2015
Traps 2014
Traps 2013
Traps 2012
Traps 2011

Hive Obituaries –


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