Top Entrances

2012-02-04 Bees Making Top Entrance Pictures 02

View of the front of the top entrance. The piece on the end (stop gap) keeps the telescoping cover from blocking the entrance.

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3 Responses to 2012-02-04 Bees Making Top Entrance Pictures 02

  1. Carol Mahl says:

    Are you also using a inner cover Jason?

    • Jason says:

      Those are my inner covers. More recently I have been modifying the covers that you can purchase from Brushy Mountain. They make the best inner covers I have purchased since starting beekeeping. The shims are applied in the same manner as described in the blog piece. I have been slowly working the plywood inner covers OUT of the program. They do not allow bees to access the space directly under the inner cover. At several of my hive sites ants use the space between the outer cover and the plywood inner cover to build nests. When I use the MODIFIED inner covers from B-Mountain I get my top entrance and the ants don’t set up shop up there.

      Good luck to you this season Carol. I look for swarms to start in a month to 6 weeks here.

    • Jason says:

      I will try to do a post on my top entrances next week.

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