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Where your bees come from matters

This year overwintered colonies seem to reaffirm conclusions that I have suspected for a long period of time. Not all bees are created equal! This is two colonies from feral stock Easter weekend 2013.  1005 (Left) is one from 2010 … Continue reading

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2013 begins

A new year and an entirely different ballgame. In my last post way back on December 20th I posed the question Where the heck is the cold weather? Someone must have been listening because that question has been answered. We … Continue reading

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Breaking wind

The weather has been really pleasant for December here in Eastern Indiana.  We have experienced some cold nights, but there haven’t been any extended cold weather periods.  Most of the hive sites provide the hives some natural cover from North and … Continue reading

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The Anxiety of Winter

There hasn’t been much activity on the blog the last several weeks. I have been readying for winter, but still have been checking bee related things regularly. Though it is not quite officially winter yet the winter anxiety has begun … Continue reading

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Are Bees Wild or Domestic?

I have been pondering the question whether to classify bees as wild or domestic creatures or if it even matters.  To most people I suppose it doesn’t matter, but with my background in biology and chemistry I am not comfortable … Continue reading

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Something we must learn from bees

Over the last couple of weeks I have been wrestling with an idea that I am still having trouble conveying.  I listen to a bee podcast, and the guy is always going back and forth on whether to feed and/or … Continue reading

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Bees can overcome OR Bee happy with what you are given

It is Friday.  I haven’t had the opportunity to rant on anything the last several weeks mainly due to lack of frustration.  I was reminded of something this week while on Facebook and voila! Honeybees occur naturally in Japan.  So … Continue reading

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Chicken Feed :\

Recently a friend of mine noticed a drop off in activity of a hive.  I visited it about 2 weeks ago.  There was definitely a problem that needed attention, but there were a ton of people around.  I did not … Continue reading

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Everything can be applied to beekeeping.

I have been running myself ragged this week so I am not going to have an extremely long and in depth post today.  I do however want to give you something to think about.  Last week I took my daughter to the … Continue reading

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Potential pitfalls to swarm trapping

Last weekend I found myself in a funk.  There was an event that made me realize that swarm trapping along with all of its positive aspects may also have some negative consequences.  Trap 15 had been hanging in one of … Continue reading

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