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Getting it done

If you want to be successful in beekeeping you’re going to have to put some work in. Reading or looking around on the Internet is only scratching the surface. The real work starts once you have bees and are dealing with … Continue reading

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1602, 1603, and 1604

Last Sunday, 5/1/2016 was the first hiving of trapped swarms for the season. I hadn’t planned on doing it, but the weather conditions turned out perfect and I had opportunity. The transfers went as follows Trap02 to 1602, Trap30 to 1603, … Continue reading

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Right under my nose.

Last Friday we got some rain finally.  Not much, but we will take anything we can get at this point.  I was pretty sure it would cause at least a limited amount of swarming activity.  Well, I was right, but … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Queen Rearing

If you recall earlier this summer there was a group of bees at a local firehouse I had been contacted about removing. (See Firehouse Bees). As time went on it became apparent that getting queen out of that wall was … Continue reading

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Maybe facebook does have some value

Last weekend was filled by getting some used hive equipment as well as attempting to repair the main computer here at the LetMBee homestead.  Come to find out, I was also catching bees, and didn’t need to leave the house … Continue reading

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Another observation on swarming behavior

I am becoming more and more convinced about another observation in swarm trapping.  Last year (2011) I began the spring with only three hives.  They were all relocated to Hive Site 01 (HS01).  I had just began trapping and did … Continue reading

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New observation on swarming behavior

Recently I have become aware of a behavior that bees are displaying around my swarm traps.  I missed it before because I had been putting traps inside woods or along wood-lines never knowing exactly when they were occupied.  Due to … Continue reading

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Hanging of Swarm Traps

I realized recently that I hadn’t scheduled How I Hang a Swarm Trap for publishing yet.  If you are interested take a look at it and get some traps out there. A lot of beekeepers think that the swarm season … Continue reading

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Free Bees Anyone?

Today is Sunday 5/6/12 With the bees I have caught in the last week I am quickly approaching my quota for the year.  If anyone out there is in need of bees and they live within 50 miles of Liberty, … Continue reading

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First Hit of the Year.

Today is Friday, but the best day of this week clearly was Wednesday!!!  The post about  dead bees was a bummer so I was in search of good news.  Being out and about, I decided to check some swarm traps.  … Continue reading

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