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Records and Trends

You are are probably thinking, “what is with the POO posts!?!” Bear with me here… Even though I have another month before I can stop worrying, I am surprised at how many hives are still in the running to make … Continue reading

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Where Bees are…….

I have been trying to think about ways that new beekeepers can find locations to set swarm traps. I remember being new to this and how alien it all seemed that first year. Beekeeping was hard to “get into”. So … Continue reading

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Trap 27 is IN……

Last weekend I finally got Trap 27 IN!!! It had been loaned to another beekeeper and was  in their vehicle for the last several weeks. All traps are now accounted for and once #27 is cleaned up, trap work for … Continue reading

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OCD Squirrels

As you have noticed I haven’t been posting as much as last year.  I have had a lot going on in the personal life and posting has slid A LOT.  I knew early in the year that time was going … Continue reading

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Leave those traps out there…..

It’s July the 1st. Where has 2013 gone? I have done an extremely poor job keeping you up to date with the goings on around here. Swarming was muted a little in May due to cooler than normal temperatures and … Continue reading

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Where your bees come from matters

This year overwintered colonies seem to reaffirm conclusions that I have suspected for a long period of time. Not all bees are created equal! This is two colonies from feral stock Easter weekend 2013.  1005 (Left) is one from 2010 … Continue reading

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Time to take down the traps

We are at the end of the swarm trapping season.  Before leaving for vacation I retrieved several traps.  As with all things in beekeeping I learned some things in the process and I will be sharing them with you.  Many … Continue reading

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Queenless Trap

Last week was set to be the beginning of a new experiment.  (see Latest Experiment – Attempting to use NO wire in deep foundation-less frames)  That will need postponing.  It appeared at hiving that Trap25 had no queen in it. … Continue reading

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Maybe facebook does have some value

Last weekend was filled by getting some used hive equipment as well as attempting to repair the main computer here at the LetMBee homestead.  Come to find out, I was also catching bees, and didn’t need to leave the house … Continue reading

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The Need for Experimentation

Even after growing up on a farm having experience with rabbits, cattle and hogs I was intimidated by the concept of keeping bees. I began by reading a couple of books and ordering some hive equipment. The books were from … Continue reading

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