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Bees can overcome OR Bee happy with what you are given

It is Friday.  I haven’t had the opportunity to rant on anything the last several weeks mainly due to lack of frustration.  I was reminded of something this week while on Facebook and voila! Honeybees occur naturally in Japan.  So … Continue reading

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Bottling Honey

Beekeeping has made me over use the phrase, “I am done, but not completely”.  I say it often since I caught this buzz.  This years extraction is over, but I am still not done completely.  I have no buyers for … Continue reading

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Escape boards revisited and video editing

Several days ago I discussed the use of Escape Boards for clearing bees from honey supers.  At the time there were several unedited video files on the computer that I just didn’t have time to fool with.  Things haven’t slowed … Continue reading

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Basic extracting

As I said in yesterday’s post I was able to get the supers pulled that I planned on extracting this fall.  I knew going into this extraction that I did not have enough buckets to hold all of the honey … Continue reading

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Beekeeping and the weather

I am becoming aware that keeping bees and being employed in a conventional job are not very compatible. In an ideal bee keeping world my job would be more weather dependant. In the event the weather is crummy I would … Continue reading

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Escape Boards

I have feverishly been preparing for honey extraction this weekend.  Coordinating my work schedule with the weather is normally my biggest concern.  Luckily I think I will have all of the honey supers pulled before the remnants of Hurricane Isaac … Continue reading

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So why haven’t I been posting?

I am preparing for honey extraction this coming weekend.  Tomorrow after work, escape boards will be placed on 5 hives.  Then Thursday the supers will be pulled from those hives and the escape boards will be placed on 5 other … Continue reading

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Time to take down the traps

We are at the end of the swarm trapping season.  Before leaving for vacation I retrieved several traps.  As with all things in beekeeping I learned some things in the process and I will be sharing them with you.  Many … Continue reading

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We have a LEANER!!!

Earlier in the year I had mentioned that I was using a new type of hive stand.  I never want to recommend anything untested and this new stand is an example why.  I still like the stands and with some … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Cutout

On Saturday 7/28 I helped a couple of friends with a cut out.  It was at an old abandoned house about 25 minutes South of me.  I am not a huge fan of removing established feral bees, but this house … Continue reading

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