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Queenless Trap

Last week was set to be the beginning of a new experiment.  (see Latest Experiment – Attempting to use NO wire in deep foundation-less frames)  That will need postponing.  It appeared at hiving that Trap25 had no queen in it. … Continue reading

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1103 is Queenless

Had a call from one of the hive sites last week.  They had been observing and noticed that things just weren’t as active as they had been several weeks ago in 1103.  They were afraid that the bees were dead. … Continue reading

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New Beekeeping Friend

Last weekend I had the opportunity to add another name to the list of interesting people I have met since becoming a beekeeper. His name is Gordon and just like most beeks he is ate up with love for bees. … Continue reading

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Latest Experiment – Attempting to use NO wire in deep foundation-less frames.

Earlier in the week I had a post on experimentation.  This is the one I will be working on next. Problem: For two years, I have been stringing hundreds of foundationless frames with wire to give the wax extra support. … Continue reading

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Maybe facebook does have some value

Last weekend was filled by getting some used hive equipment as well as attempting to repair the main computer here at the LetMBee homestead.  Come to find out, I was also catching bees, and didn’t need to leave the house … Continue reading

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The Need for Experimentation

Even after growing up on a farm having experience with rabbits, cattle and hogs I was intimidated by the concept of keeping bees. I began by reading a couple of books and ordering some hive equipment. The books were from … Continue reading

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After work work

Things have slowed somewhat with my traps.  Last night I hived a strangler, Trap03, after I got off work.  It came from a new site.  There had been a hit on it previously this spring.  “On 5/13 – HIT, but the … Continue reading

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Records in beekeeping

Since I began beekeeping I have taken records in several different ways.  Initially I used a form downloaded from the internet that was like performing a physical every time I opened the hive.  I gathered a lot of information as … Continue reading

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First bee education experience

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to Jada’s 4-H group about something I like to talk about.  Holly said something months ago about meeting the group for a basic introduction to bees.  Time passed and I had not … Continue reading

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What is Natural Beekeeping?

Well it’s Friday so am I going to ruffle any feathers?  I hope not.  I just am looking for the answer to, “What is natural Beekeeping?”  I read and hear of natural beekeeping all of the time.  Normally it is … Continue reading

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