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Blackberry Mead

It is time to talk about another use for honey. In this case it’s a use for uncured nectar that would be unstable on a shelf. As many already know if honey isn’t cured to proper moisture content it will … Continue reading

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From Bees to Beets

Last weekend Holly and I canned some beets. ”What the heck does this have to do with bees?!?” Well first off I LOVE PICKLED BEETS! It has everything to do with bees, because several years ago my wife converted from … Continue reading

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Chump Crickets part 2

If you haven’t read Chump Crickets part 1 from last week yet that would be a good place to start. For the rest of ya here IS WHY I AM SO EXCITED about these crickets! This is promising news for … Continue reading

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Fall Clean Up

Like always post honey harvest equipment was in needed of attention. The first order of business was to get everything wet with honey / nectar residue dry. I freeze and store my extracted supers every year. This has presented a … Continue reading

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Honey and Walnuts

It hit me the other day, I’ve never talked about things I do with honey….. I gave a little bee talk a couple weeks ago to the Bath, Indiana Gardener’s Club. I got to talking about one of the ways … Continue reading

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The other day (2/18/13) at Hive Site 5 I noticed something that has me more than a little nervous. 1110 showed evidence of an unwanted tenant. I don’t know what happened over the course of the winter but 1110’s mouse … Continue reading

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Happy Friday..

We are almost to the end of February! Are you getting excited yet? Tis the season to begin assessing winter damages. This post was completed on 2/19/14.  At this time the weather forecast is not looking too bad. It’s only … Continue reading

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Signs of life

This Winter has been a bear in Eastern Indiana.  I don’t think we have had a good bee day since mid December.  I’ve watched hives all Winter as the lows get to -15F, wondering how many will make it.  Recently … Continue reading

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Since getting involved in beekeeping I have become more aware of the world around me. While driving I look for what is in bloom and sometimes make other discoveries. This time of year I have my eyes peeled for Asters, … Continue reading

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Note on storing traps

Don’t store traps all winter in a location as pictured in the previous post.  The traps were all lined up on the concrete floor with big cracks in it.  Termites were in several of the boxes after only being there … Continue reading

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