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Red and Beige pollen

Last Friday (3/18/2016) I visited 3 hives. While there I took a walk to see if I could find bees working the Purple dead-nettle (Lamium purpureum). I had observed bees entering hives with RED pollen and thought it was from the Nettle. … Continue reading

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I was at a stop light on Main Street in Richmond, Indiana on 3/20/2016. As you can see the Magnolias are just beginning to bloom here. If you’re not ready for your beekeeping year to begin you had better get busy. … Continue reading

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Accepting Mediocrity

I’ve written previously about the sayings my grandfather used to repeat. Some recent interactions with people on Facebook have me thinking of yet another one. He would say, “if you accept mediocrity, sooner or later mediocrity is all you will get”. With … Continue reading

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Box building tips

Crazy as it may sound I have what is looking like a potential problem in my beekeeping life. There’s a real possibility that almost all of my hives are going to overwinter this year. I hate even mentioning this because … Continue reading

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Smoker Fuel Time

Part of being a beekeeper is becoming aware of the yearly cycle of the Seasons. It’s amazing how disconnected humans have become from nature. I am reminded of this every time a friend or co-worker asks me in January or February … Continue reading

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Nuc Box Plans

A while ago I posted New Swarm Trap Plans.  This post was about a set of plans for 4 traps out of ONE – 4 X 8 sheet of plywood.  Sometime later a question was posed to me about the plans.  … Continue reading

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Extraction Flash Mob

2015 is turning out to be a memorable beekeeping year. There’s been late night mishaps with cops and several angry dog incidents, but I must remember it’s not over yet! I have always invited some close friends to honey extraction ever … Continue reading

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Fall Trap Maintenance

One of my yearly maintenance tasks is unloading swarm traps every Fall. Many of the bait combs can be used next Spring as long as you are proactive. Old brood comb is the most valuable capital for my future in beekeeping. It is … Continue reading

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After hours beekeeping

Any time a married man comes rolling in at 2 a.m. there had better be a story. On Wednesday 8/5/15 I experienced such a night and it was probably the craziest night of my entire life!!! No alcohol involved in … Continue reading

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Evolution in Swarm Trap Logic

A while back I had some dialogue with Jason a beekeeper that operates about 45 minutes to the South of me. I have been talking bees with him for several years now over the internet though we never really have met … Continue reading

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