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Extraction Flash Mob

2015 is turning out to be a memorable beekeeping year. There’s been late night mishaps with cops and several angry dog incidents, but I must remember it’s not over yet! I have always invited some close friends to honey extraction ever … Continue reading

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Blackberry Mead

It is time to talk about another use for honey. In this case it’s a use for uncured nectar that would be unstable on a shelf. As many already know if honey isn’t cured to proper moisture content it will … Continue reading

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Honey and Walnuts

It hit me the other day, I’ve never talked about things I do with honey….. I gave a little bee talk a couple weeks ago to the Bath, Indiana Gardener’s Club. I got to talking about one of the ways … Continue reading

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Friday night fun

Things have been busy here as per normal.  We are shifting gears from our end of summer routines to the preparation for winter.  As stated previously we are preparing for deer season.  It is a family affair that’s more involved … Continue reading

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Honey Pricing

After ordering labels next came the second most difficult task of pricing the honey.  If you didn’t know previously I live in Eastern Central Indiana, about an hour east of Indianapolis and an hour north of Cincinnati.  The closest large-ish … Continue reading

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Labeling Honey

At long last the honey labels came in.  In the past the small amounts of honey produced by the bees had just been given away and sold “unlabelled” to friends who didn’t care, but this years crop was too large … Continue reading

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Bottling Honey

Beekeeping has made me over use the phrase, “I am done, but not completely”.  I say it often since I caught this buzz.  This years extraction is over, but I am still not done completely.  I have no buyers for … Continue reading

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