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Accepting Mediocrity

I’ve written previously about the sayings my grandfather used to repeat. Some recent interactions with people on Facebook have me thinking of yet another one. He would say, “if you accept mediocrity, sooner or later mediocrity is all you will get”. With … Continue reading

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Resource Devotion to Reproduction

In nature we find resources utilized in what appears initially as inefficient allocations. Cases where resources are allocated in odd ways include many examples of sexual dimorphism in mammals, birds, and insects resulting in ornamentation and secondary sexual characteristics. These … Continue reading

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Chump Crickets part 2

If you haven’t read Chump Crickets part 1 from last week yet that would be a good place to start. For the rest of ya here IS WHY I AM SO EXCITED about these crickets! This is promising news for … Continue reading

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Chump Crickets

It’s been a while, but it’s FRIDAY!!!! There are those who think that without Science, Money, and Humans the varroa mite, a parasite and vector of infection, along with some other pests and conditions will be the end of the … Continue reading

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Leave those traps out there…..

It’s July the 1st. Where has 2013 gone? I have done an extremely poor job keeping you up to date with the goings on around here. Swarming was muted a little in May due to cooler than normal temperatures and … Continue reading

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Moving Bees

Time has really flown this fall and I have missed the opportunity to tell you about some of the goings on around here.  One of the stories that fell through the cracks was the moving of 4 hives a little … Continue reading

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Something we must learn from bees

Over the last couple of weeks I have been wrestling with an idea that I am still having trouble conveying.  I listen to a bee podcast, and the guy is always going back and forth on whether to feed and/or … Continue reading

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Bees can overcome OR Bee happy with what you are given

It is Friday.  I haven’t had the opportunity to rant on anything the last several weeks mainly due to lack of frustration.  I was reminded of something this week while on Facebook and voila! Honeybees occur naturally in Japan.  So … Continue reading

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Inspiration from across the pond

There are many facets of beekeeping.  Some are fun, exciting and rewarding while others are tedious and boring.  This year I have assembled and wired hundreds of frames already and need to do about a hundred more.  It makes me … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Beekeeping – A Friday rant

Today I was going to post about a new observation that I have made in swarming behavior.  It is exciting and  I feel it is important, but I will post it on Monday.  I had been thinking about something yesterday … Continue reading

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