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First bee education experience

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to Jada’s 4-H group about something I like to talk about.  Holly said something months ago about meeting the group for a basic introduction to bees.  Time passed and I had not … Continue reading

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Inspiration from across the pond

There are many facets of beekeeping.  Some are fun, exciting and rewarding while others are tedious and boring.  This year I have assembled and wired hundreds of frames already and need to do about a hundred more.  It makes me … Continue reading

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Top Entrances

Last winter I read a lot about top entrances on beesource.  If any one has seen my earlier posts they are probably aware that some of my hive sites are prone to high grass.  I am always looking for ways … Continue reading

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Trapout Update

It is time to post and update on the trapout.  As with most things in beekeeping, if this fails it is going to be my fault.  I had some non-beekeeping things come up last week in addition to work and … Continue reading

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Potential pitfalls to swarm trapping

Last weekend I found myself in a funk.  There was an event that made me realize that swarm trapping along with all of its positive aspects may also have some negative consequences.  Trap 15 had been hanging in one of … Continue reading

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First Hit of the Year.

Today is Friday, but the best day of this week clearly was Wednesday!!!  The post about  dead bees was a bummer so I was in search of good news.  Being out and about, I decided to check some swarm traps.  … Continue reading

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Looking for Spots

This is the time of year that we should be thinking of swarm trap locations for the coming season.  Even if your traps aren’t made yet.  Over the last several days though involved with things totally unrelated to bees, I was given … Continue reading

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Genetic Gambling

I have always thought of genetics as something similar to a high stakes game of poker.  It is A bee tree found on a friend’s farm. They report it has been there for years. obvious that you want a good … Continue reading

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