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From Bees to Beets

Last weekend Holly and I canned some beets. ”What the heck does this have to do with bees?!?” Well first off I LOVE PICKLED BEETS! It has everything to do with bees, because several years ago my wife converted from … Continue reading

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Chump Crickets part 2

If you haven’t read Chump Crickets part 1 from last week yet that would be a good place to start. For the rest of ya here IS WHY I AM SO EXCITED about these crickets! This is promising news for … Continue reading

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Fall Clean Up

Like always post honey harvest equipment was in needed of attention. The first order of business was to get everything wet with honey / nectar residue dry. I freeze and store my extracted supers every year. This has presented a … Continue reading

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Honey and Walnuts

It hit me the other day, I’ve never talked about things I do with honey….. I gave a little bee talk a couple weeks ago to the Bath, Indiana Gardener’s Club. I got to talking about one of the ways … Continue reading

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Chump Crickets

It’s been a while, but it’s FRIDAY!!!! There are those who think that without Science, Money, and Humans the varroa mite, a parasite and vector of infection, along with some other pests and conditions will be the end of the … Continue reading

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The other day (2/18/13) at Hive Site 5 I noticed something that has me more than a little nervous. 1110 showed evidence of an unwanted tenant. I don’t know what happened over the course of the winter but 1110’s mouse … Continue reading

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Records and Trends

You are are probably thinking, “what is with the POO posts!?!” Bear with me here… Even though I have another month before I can stop worrying, I am surprised at how many hives are still in the running to make … Continue reading

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Happy Friday..

We are almost to the end of February! Are you getting excited yet? Tis the season to begin assessing winter damages. This post was completed on 2/19/14.  At this time the weather forecast is not looking too bad. It’s only … Continue reading

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Signs of life

This Winter has been a bear in Eastern Indiana.  I don’t think we have had a good bee day since mid December.  I’ve watched hives all Winter as the lows get to -15F, wondering how many will make it.  Recently … Continue reading

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New Swarm Trap Plans [UPDATED]

[UPDATED 2015-10-13] The original post has been left in its entirety. See post Evolution in Swarm Trap Logic from 2015-04-20 If you have followed this blog for any period of time you will know that I normally make swarm traps out … Continue reading

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