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Ain’t no party like a wax moth party

This deep of Lang frames looked like an Adam’s Family Accordion.  It’s a sign of allowing something to happen that should have dealt with a long time ago.  This colony was struggling last fall and I thought it had lived long enough … Continue reading

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Non-Targeted Species – ants in Trap01

Over the years I have had several e-mails about a number of non-targeted species taking up residence in swarm traps. I have been really lucky, as I don’t generally have problems with this. That being said, I had something happen this year … Continue reading

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Mouse Guards

Fall is coming quickly. Trees are already turning colors and we’ve experienced a couple cool nights. A form of selective pressure is on its way in the form of Winter. Many beekeepers are frantically checking their hives, fretting about varroa thresholds, … Continue reading

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Trap Talk / Get Your Traps Out There!

Recently I had an e-mail dialogue with a new swarm trapper from Georgia about some difficulties they are experiencing. They deployed their traps this Spring and wasps began to set up shop in 4 of their 6 traps. This subject also … Continue reading

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Fall Clean Up

Like always post honey harvest equipment was in needed of attention. The first order of business was to get everything wet with honey / nectar residue dry. I freeze and store my extracted supers every year. This has presented a … Continue reading

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Bees can overcome OR Bee happy with what you are given

It is Friday.  I haven’t had the opportunity to rant on anything the last several weeks mainly due to lack of frustration.  I was reminded of something this week while on Facebook and voila! Honeybees occur naturally in Japan.  So … Continue reading

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Chicken Feed :\

Recently a friend of mine noticed a drop off in activity of a hive.  I visited it about 2 weeks ago.  There was definitely a problem that needed attention, but there were a ton of people around.  I did not … Continue reading

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Potential pitfalls to swarm trapping

Last weekend I found myself in a funk.  There was an event that made me realize that swarm trapping along with all of its positive aspects may also have some negative consequences.  Trap 15 had been hanging in one of … Continue reading

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