Letting things happen

20160503_202101_wm I normally don’t post on Saturday’s, but I figured I’d switch it up this week since I had a post every other day. I won’t be talking Swarm Trapping today. What I want to go over has more to do with beekeeping philosophy. I’m going to keep this short cause this is normally when people’s eyes glaze over and I lose em!

20160503_203026_wmWhat I’d like to talk about today is the idea behind LetMBee…. It’s about breaking out of the Super-Control-Freak Mode of modern beekeeping. That method is a sure-fire way to make beekeeping NO FUN at all. I see people on Facebook every day asking questions about their bees and I can “feel” the fear and apprehension in their written words. Far too often they come with a question and want to be told SOMETHING TO DO. If you have a genetic line of bees that are not suited to live in your part of the country no matter WHAT you do the fate of your bees are probably already sealed. Fight the urge to intervene and LET IT HAPPEN whatever IT is.

20160503_203048_wmThis philosophy has spilled over into other parts of my life. I’ve written before about how much I hate mowing…. So thus far this Spring I HAVN’T and nothing bad has happened!  (See Everything Can be applied to beekeeping 2012-05-18) It has been amazing to see the diversity that has sprung up in the yard this year. There’s all sorts of flowers growing out there. It is the most beautiful yard I have ever had! The tufts of grass are great hiding places for the rabbits that live here. The yard being shaggy is good for our chickens too as it gives them a little bit of cover. This strategy has WIN, WIN, WIN written all over it! I don’t waste time mowing, it’s good for bees AND BIRDS!

At some point I will bush-hog it, but not for a while. There’s too much GOOD STUFF OUT THERE. Fight the urge to always DO SOMETHING and try letting IT happen a Little.

Enjoy the ride.

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