5 Frame Nuc Plans

5 Frame Traps or Nucs 05

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  1. Orin says:

    I noticed that you don’t have an overhang on the bottom of the trap being that the bottom is that much longer than the sides I expected to see an overhang, have you decided to make this flush with the sides or am I missing something here?

    • Jason says:

      Very perceptive! The plans were tweaked a little after those initial traps were made. There was a suggestion of using the traps for nuc boxes and that a lip on the bottom would help. I personally think you could take or leave that extended bottom board (the top could be the same as the bottom).

      It is not my belief that bees need an alighting board or ledge on the bottom of their hives to land on. I don’t think it factors into scout bees decisions on site selection for a swarm to go to and I haven’t seen many on the outside of trees. You can either make them the way they are in the plans or make the tops and bottoms the same.

      If I didn’t answer your question let me know.

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