5 Frame Nuc Plans

Here are the files for some nucs.  They make FOUR – 5 frame NUC boxes from ONE – 4 x 8 sheet of plywood.  These have a 1 inch hole in them for bees to come and go.  Use either a canning jar lid or Model#279 Metal Disc Entry available from kelleybees.com as a closure.  Both methods are discussed in Swarm Trap Plans – 10 Frame Lang Deep.

Nuc Boxes 4 X 8 SHEET

I haven’t made any of these nucs yet, but here are some pictures of what they will look like.  Just envision them without any hanging board on the side.  Once I get some made I will update these pictures.


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  1. William D McNett says:

    Kelley’s link moved
    Metal Disc Entry
    Model #: 279-Disc

    Just bought 12 off Amazon $21.99

    There’s a few selling stainless ones out there also. But check 1st, they may be the small Diameter : 6.8cm / 2.68inches

    • Jason says:

      I purchased some from Amazon as well. They came from China. The ones I got were substatially smaller. I will likely be utilizing used canning lids for my closure devices once I run out of those #279 entry discs.

      Thanks for the link update. I have been going through some personal life troubles. I will add that to my list of things that need updating…

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