Happy Friday..

Maybe a good day.

Maybe a good day.

We are almost to the end of February! Are you getting excited yet? Tis the season to begin assessing winter damages. This post was completed on 2/19/14.  At this time the weather forecast is not looking too bad. It’s only supposed to get to 45F, but that’s way warmer than we have been given recently. Bees will probably be out, so I plan on trying to be out there with some of them. I won’t make it to every hive site, but I am going to be making the rounds this afternoon. With any luck I may have an idea of how many are still living sometime next week.

About 10 Swarm Traps are getting refurbished today and 350-400 frames need to get built. I will just get a start on those.  There were several traps that had serious squirrel damage last summer. (See OCD Squirrels) I will be taking pictures.  Look for them sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I hope that better weather is heading your way too. I have been making the rounds to some hives.  I will have some number and pictures soon.

How have things been looking in your operation?


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