Don’t forget Valentine’s Day

After our first cutout.

Our first cutout

Behind every married beekeeper there’s a spouse who’s affected by this addiction. This Valentine’s Day I would like to list some of the things my QUEEN has tolerated over the last six years. The fact that she hasn’t left me over beekeeping is a testament to how much I should appreciate her patience.


  • spilled honey virtually anywhere and everywhere imaginable.
  • No mess here!

    what mess?

    made messes in the house on too many occasions to even document. Note the picture of my capping strainer and crockpot melting cappings.

  • stained all clothing I have come in contact with.
  • set the alarm clock for 04:00 many mornings to work on blog posts and hit the snooze repeatedly.
  • been away from home all hours of the day and night moving hives and traps, inspecting bees, and removing supers.
  • 2014-03-24 21.36.21 Freezing framesrepeatedly tried to sneak old comb in the freezers with our food EVEN after STRONG disapproval was voiced.
  • placed unused bee boxes outside the main entrance of our home and left them there for days while thousands of bees came to rob em out.
  • moved all the previously mentioned bee-ware and replaced it with 2 active bee hives… 1 on each side of the door.
  • moved the previously mentioned bee hives and replaced them with a MEAN AS A SNAKE queenless cutout.
  • dropped propolis all over the vinyl flooring in the mudroom of our BRAND NEW HOUSE, then walked it in because I didn’t realize it.
  • spent hours and hours talking to people on the phone endlessly about beekeeping.
  • used her favorite Shark vacuum cleaner to clean up spilled propolis while trying to make capsules at the kitchen table.
  • spent hours and hours and hours out in the garage or shop building frames, boxes and everything else necessary to conduct beekeeping.
  • spoke incessantly about bees to her when no one else was around to listen!



deer butchering day

This is a VERY abbreviated list of beekeeping infractions and I haven’t even gotten to any NON-beekeeping antics! I’m crazy about bees, but I also have several other activities I am equally enthusiastic about. I’ve destroyed her kitchen too many times to count with mega-canning operations and butchering. This “City Girl” has hung in there with me, from canning 250# of potatoes in 36 hours to butchering chickens while she was dealing with morning sickness. A wet chicken dunked in hot water DOES NOT SMELL GOOD AT ALL! She could have told me, “YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN BUDDIE!”, but she plucked feathers, dry heaved, then continue until the job was done.

She was the one that convinced me to go totally treatment free back in 2010. We were powdered sugar dusting some hives at my parents. After seeing what I had done… all those bees crawling around, looking miserable with the HUMMMM of irritation coming from the disassembled hive she looked at me with disgust and said, “IF SOMEONE TORE MY HOUSE APART FOR INSPECTIONS AND DID $%^$ LIKE THIS TO ME I’D LEAVE!!!!”

Nothin' to see here!

Nothin’ to see here!

At the time I only had 4 hives, and quite frankly I agreed with her. I told her that I’d quit keeping bees if I couldn’t find a way to keep them without subjecting them to frequent inspections, chemicals, and torturous soft treatments. I’m glad we had that discussion. Oh yeah I shouldn’t forget.. Without her wouldn’t be here because the URL was her idea.

She has never kept score of the ridiculous shenanigans. She has been aggravated, and at times has voiced it with FEELING, but she’s remained patient and forgiven me. She’s even saved my LIFE! One morning she woke me up at 3 AM after I had fallen asleep at the kitchen table with 5 pressure cookers going canning chicken broth!  That IS “being there, for your partner” – defined.

On this Valentine’s Day don’t forget to tell your Honey THANKS, because it isn’t easy living with a beekeeper!

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